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Wedding Flower Pre-Consultation Form

Pre - consultation Form for Wedding Flowers

Please fill this out and email to us if convenient or bring it with you to our first meeting.

Bride’s Name_______________________and Groom’s Name__________________________

Bride's Address__________________________________Bride's Phone__________________

Bride’s Email______________________________ Mother’s Phone _____________________

Groom’s Address ______________________________ Groom’s Phone _________________

Ceremony Location __________________________________Wedding Date _____________

Ceremony Address ______________________________ City _________________________

Phone Number ______________________ Officiating Clergy __________________________

Time of Wedding ________________________ Time for Pictures _______________________

Photographer Name & Phone____________________________________________________

Cake Decorator & Phone _______________________________________________________

Reception Location _________________________________ Time of Reception___________

Reception Address & City ______________________________________________________

Number of Tables _______________ Person to contact & Phone _______________________

Theme or "look", i.e., elegant, country, etc. _________________________________________

Colors used _________________________________________________________________

The following information will help us to serve you better. If you have preferences for flowers & styles, please include them, otherwise we will show you many ideas when you come in.



Style of bouquet and type of flowers you like for your bouquet__________________________


Headpiece – do you want any flower accents? _____________________________________

Would you like a Bouquet to toss? _______________________________________________

Would you like Roses to give to mothers? If so, how many? ___________________________

Number of Female Bridesmaids or Honor Attendants ________________________________

Color and Style of Dresses_____________________________________________________

Style & type of flowers you would like to use _______________________________________

Flowers for hair? ____________________________________________________________

Number of Junior Attendants ___________________________________________________

Color & Style of Dress _______________________________________________________

Style & type of flowers you would like to use ______________________________________

Number of Flower Girls ______________________________________________________

Color & Style of Dress _______________________________________________________

Flowers for hair? ___________________________________________________________

Number of Personal Attendants ________________________________________________

Groom – Style & Color of Clothing ______________________________________________

Number of Groomsmen & Best Man ___________ Style & Color of Clothing_____________

Number of Ringbearers ___________ Style & Color of Clothing_______________________

Ringbearer Pillow? _________________________________________________________

Number of Fathers ______________ Style & Color of Clothing _______________________

Number of Stepfathers ______________ Style & Color of Clothing ____________________

Number of Ushers _____________ Style & Color of Clothing_________________________

Number of Grandfathers _____________________________________________________

Number of Mothers ___________________ Style & Color of Dresses__________________

Number of Stepmothers ________________ Style & Color of Dresses_________________

Number of Grandmothers _______________ Style & Color of Dresses ________________

Number of Punch Attendants________________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Candlelighters _________________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Hosts & Hostesses ______________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Vocalists_______________________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Lectors ________________________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Clergy _________________________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Organists or Musicians ___________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Godparents ____________________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Guest Book Attendants ___________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Coffee Servers _________________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Cake Servers __________________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Waiters or Waitresses ___________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Gift Attendants ________________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Gift Carriers __________________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Flower Attendants ______________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Video/Photo People ____________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Other Family members__________________Male ______ or Female ______

Number of Other Special People ___________________Male ______ or Female ______


Do you need 1 or 2 Altar Arrangements for you Ceremony Location?______________

Are you interested in rental Candelabra or what is available at the church or ceremony location?____________________________________________________________

Are you interested in Aisle candles (rental) or pew decorations? _____________________

How many pews in the church? _________________________________________________

Length of Aisle if you would like an aisle runner? ___________________________

A photo of the church altar and style of pews would be helpful for churches that are not in the Clark area.

Do you need Wedding Candle and/or decorations & rental unity candle holder? ___

Do you need an In Loving Memory Arrangement? _____________Located? ____________

Are you interested in Other floral arrangements(guest book, piano, organ, etc) either rental or purchase?


How many tables do you need centerpieces for? Rental or Purchase ________________

What size & style of cake are you having?_____________________________________

Do you need flowers or greens on or around cake? _____________________________

If so, what size cake tiers and height and width of dividers to cake? _________________

What type of Punch Decorations or Flowers do you want?________________________

What other types of decorations or bows or flowers do you need for your reception?____________________________________________________________________

Our wide selection of rental equipment, centerpieces, & aisle decorations are on our website Please list ones you may be interested in: